The Ooni Stool Must Not Be Desecrated!



By Adesina Tosin

What is Ooni of Ife looking for that he does not have.. Money? Wealth? Fame?? Connections in high places? Why is Ooni desecrating his stool.. Why?? Paying visits to all and sundry as if they don’t know the addres Of his Palace.

According to what we learnt in Yoruba classes while growing up, we were told that the seat of the Ooni is the number 1 in the world because ife is where the proverbial hen started the scattering of sand which spreads all over the world today. As a result, Ooni’s are regarded as spirits and not humans.

But it seems the current Ooni is more interested in being human than spirit. The present Ooni will go on record as the most controversial ever. Ranging from making unverifiable statements aimed at distorting history, unnecessary appearance at events and places that adds no value to the throne among others.

The inability of the Present Ooni to exert his authority as expected and give the necessary carriage to his throne has led to unwarranted attempts to whittle down his influence by Yoruba Oba’s especially Oba Olugbo who recently crowned some individuals as Yoruba Oba’s in diaspora.

This was not the case when we had Oba Okunade Sijuwade as the Ooni. Okunade was so powerful within and beyond the shores of Yoruba Land and Nigeria. One of the most flamboyant king we’ve ever had in Yoruba Land. Oba Olugbo who today is dragging leadership with Ooni of Ife never tried such wjth Oba Sijuwade.. In fact he so much revered Oba Sijuwade that Ooni was once a guest at his Ugbo Palace during his coronation.

Today, that Olugbo has seen a loophole in the present Ooni to tore apart that stool. It is important for Ooni Ogunwusi to take back his throne before it is too late. He should stop desecrating his throne and learn carriage that comes with royals from Oba of Benin, Sultan of Sokoto among others.

• Adesina Tosin Nathaniel, a youth advocate wrote from Lagos


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