See Goodbye Letter A Fan Wrote To Ajimobi’s Outstanding Lady Photographer, Tolani


Dear Tolani Alli,

As your eight years tenure(don’t know if I’m correct) as the official photographer to Oyo state Governor Senator Abiola Ajimobi ends this midnight, I want to use this medium to congratulate you for an eventful ending.

I know you might be wondering what’s special about it at least you were not voted for. However, you are one aide that stood out for all to see. I remember when I stumbled upon your page on Instagram and finally get stucked🙄it was for just a reason… Seeing a Female doing what is “naturally” masculine.

However, you actually convince me and thousands of your fans on your ability to deliver. Over the years that you’ve documented Governor Ajimobi you’ve not only taken pictures but you’ve created memories, built a press arm from your photography with daily updates of the state Governor activities that are not even available in the newspapers.

It takes someone with a deeper level of creativity and delivery to do that. Yes.. You did it Tolani. You were able to make a name for yourself, your family and your craft. Because of you, I developed a sudden interest in photography and today I actually ‘critique’ pictures cos I had to read some few notes online about photography and it’s dynamism.

You were able to stay strong from the beginning till the end. I never remembered you posting on your status of embarking on a medical leave despite the “killer” schedule that comes with a Governors office. We thank God for that precious gift.

You are finally leaving that office with a BIG shoe that your successor will strive so hard to fill.

Let me burst your brain.. You are the first Governor Photographer to be so famous in Oyo and Nigeria today, you were nominated for The Future Awards, you won lots of others, gave press interviews, train other photographers, you impacted not only your community in Oyo but beyond.

Tolani, I have nothing to give you than to wish you a more prosperous future breaking all ceilings till there are no more.

Your SuperFan

Adesina Tosin Nathaniel


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