Some Past Oyo Governors Behaved as Worst of Colonialists By Taiwo Adisa


On Monday June 3, 2019, the Governor of Oyo state, Engineer Seyi Makinde named me his Chief Press Secretary. It is an honour that has been described in many colours by friends and associates. Some were taken aback. Why would you leave Abuja(with all the opportunities) and take up a job in Ibadan- when you can get “bigger” posts as a player at the Federal Capital? Why take a job as Chief Press Secretary when you were Special Assistant (Media) to a Senate President, Nigerian’s number three citizen 16 years ago? Why Oyo state, not known as one of the biggest earners from the monthly FAAC? Can you fit into Ibadan lifestyle again after leaving UI more than 25 years ago? A lot of questions.
But I have no reservations taking this job. I love Journalism but I also love my state, Oyo. After leaving school, I ‘ve only been dashing into the state. But my love for the state never waivered. As Group Politics Editor of Nigeria’s oldest surviving independent newspaper, Nigerian Tribune, I never shied from making interventions at the highest level of governance in the state whenever I had the chance. I like to see the state live up to its appelation- Pacesetter. I like to see growth and good life written on the faces of everyone therein. It’s difficult to say how some Governors led the state as if they were the worst of colonialists. It’s terrible to see a man lead his own people with disdain, emotional incontinence and with a heart behind the back. Sad. But when I met Engineer Seyi Makinde. I was impressed by his humility, sincerity, innocence, unassuming character and forthright mein. A lot of people say he is a good man. He leaves you in no doubt of his readiness to demonstrate that at every instance. I found in him a man who can deliver the good for my state. I appreciate his workaholic attitude and focus. Many months back, we dissected his blueprint for progressive development of Oyo state. He spoke about the agenda in his usual soft voice that commands some steel. He showed us all he was committed to making a positive turnaround in the state. We worked, we prayed and God answered the prayers with his victory on March 9. We are indeed grateful to the Almighty. So when he called, ‘we are going to announce you as my CPS in one or two hours,’ I had no hesitation to say yes, sir. I will join him in all efforts to practicalise Igba Otun (New Dawn) in the lives of our people and ensure Omi titun( fresh showers) rain upon the Pacesetter state.
So, family and friends, colleagues and associates, accept my decision to step aside from our own Federal Capital Territory at this time. I will miss the hustle and bustle of the FCT, the big news, the National Assembly which has been home for me in the last 16 years, I will miss the “Cabals,” the Leader of “Emerging Cabal,” the self styled GO, the evening rendezvous, the trips around the gardens and all the beautiful places. I will miss my people in Tribune, the Tribune family, I will miss so many others, but take note that my departure is for a Just Cause. Please support me in anyway you can as I undertake this journey. I plead.

• Taiwo Adisa, the newly appointed Chief Press Secretary To Governor Seyi Makinde wrote this on his a Facebook page with the original title “Here to Serve”.


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