Twitter Users Tackle TV Hostess Kadaria Ahmed Over Claims of Marginalization Against Igbo

Popular journalist and TV hostess, Kadaria Ahmed has come under heavy criticism following her marginalization claim against the Igbo people in Nigeria.
The criticms came on the heels of her tweet where she alleged that even though the biafra agitators can be provocative, there is no justification to exclude the South Easterners from leadership positions.
According to her, exclusion of Igbo people from leadership positions serve Nigerians no good.
Ahmed had tweeted: “I know some of our pro biafra siblings can be provocative but I don’t see how it serves Nigeria to exclude the South East from leadership at the Executive, Legislative and Judicial arms of government. At this time of great division, we are in dire need of inclusion. #GoodGovernance”
However, twitter users while replying described her tweet as pretentious.
See reactions.
@ifyNgonadi – I thought you should know better how these things play out and stop encouraging my Igbo pple to keep playing the wrong politics.  All the positions you tabled here are all elective with exception of the Judiciary. You don’t stand the chance when you VOTE wrongly without wisdom.
@Demurleigh – No political party is going to gift an opposition region a leadership role all in the name of creating an optical balance. It is politics and not charity.
@bmanoriade – During the PDP days that they had the position of Senate President, how did it help or improve the life of the average south easterner… all this guys are just political jobbers who are dividing us along ethnic and religious lines…
Are you expecting the APC to cede the position of senate president to the PDP because they want an Igbo man to be senate president? This is democracy and in democracy, minorities will always have their say but the majority will always have their way…
@BrighnoB -We don’t need your fake sympathy.
Are the biafrans more provocative than the Arewa youths & Elders,
Are they More provocative than your brothers who killed themselves in Zamfara bcoz of Gold. Or are they more provocative than your Northern leaders who fund BokoHaram. #Chameleon
@ken_dgc – There so much tribalism even in the pretentious tweet that claims to call for inclusion.


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