APC Replies Deji Adeleke, Says Oyetola Was Validly Elected

The Osun State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has reacted to the claim by Deji Adeleke, that his brother, Senator Ademola Adeleke won the last year governorship election in the state.
The party said Deji’s position even after the Supreme Court judgement showed that he has scant regard for the rule of law.
Recall that the apex court had last week Friday declared Governor Gboyega Oyetola as the validly elected governor of Osun State.
The court dismissed the appeal by Senator Ademola Adeleke, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Justice Olabode Rodes-Vivour while reading the majority decision of five-to-two, held that the failure of a member of the election tribunal, Justice Peter Obiora to sit on February 6, 2019 rendered the entire proceedings and the judgement given by the tribunal a nullity.
The Supreme court also upheld the majority decision of the Court of Appeal, which affirmed the victory of Oyetola of the APC as the Governor of the state.
However, while reacting recently, Deji said, some “people know his brother won the election, but was deprived of his so-called victory by the power that be”.
Countering the claim, the APC noted that Dr Deji was “dead wrong” to say his brother, Senator Ademola Adeleke won last September’s governorship election.
The party in a statement by its Director of Publicity, Barr Kunle Oyatomi, said: “If he actually won, he would have been governor today. However, the Senator is not governor because he lost that election”, the APC declared.
It added: “The statement of Dr Deji Adeleke that his brother, the PDP candidate won the election has no basis in law and in facts and should be disregarded by all well-meaning people who believe in the rule of law and the democratic process.
According to the APC, “that Deji Adeleke and some other people desperately wished for his brother to win could not make him victorious.
“More importantly, however, is the fact that at no time during the election process did INEC declare Senator Ademola Adeleke winner.
“Initially, the election was stalemated because no clear winner emerged due to serious irregularities and violence in Orolu, Osogbo and Ife Federal constituencies, which rendered the votes at seven polling units invalid.
“In law, when there is such a stalemate, INEC makes the determination for a re-run election at those polling units; especially so if the total votes in the affected units are more than enough to upturn any advantage of either of the two leading contestants.
“The PDP candidate lost the re-run election and therefore could not become governor. At that point the case went to the Tribunal for legal determination.
“Although the Election Tribunal in its judgment gave the election to the PDP, the Superior Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the country made clear in their determination of the position of the law that;
“Not only was INEC right to declare the first election stalemated, the final outcome of the process produced a clear winner, who is Governor Gboyega Oyetola, the APC candidate.
“So, legally and factually, the winner was the APC candidate albeit by a narrow margin”, the party’s publicity director said.
Further more he noted that, “such a re-run election was not peculiar to the state of Osun. Similar situations had occurred in some other states before and after that of the state of Osun.
Such situations occurred in Imo (2011 and  2015), Anambra (2013), Taraba (2015), Abia (2015), Kogi (2015), and Bayelsa (2015). After Osun in 2018, INEC, empowered by Electoral Law in Sec 53 (3), also in March 2019, declared inconclusive, guber elections in Bauchi, Benue, Kano, Plateau and Sokoto.
“Winners and losers had emerged after the re-run and the Supreme Court did uphold the outcome. The case of Osun, therefore, is not strange.
“For Dr Deji Adeleke to still be dreaming that his brother won the election, simply shows that he has scant regard for the rule of law and belief in the democratic process”, the APC concluded.


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