Standing Before the Senate is Rauf  

By Olalere Fagbola
The greatest cataclysm a nation could face is not political or economic and it would shock you to know that ( in history ) the greatest catastrophic destruction of both men and animals by an overwhelming flood , being the result of SEXUAL IMMORALITY , manifested through VIOLENCE in the days of  Noah which both the Holy Bible and the glorious Quaran richly documented.
“The sons of God ( angels) saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they fornicated with them as wives and they bore children ( giants ) for them, resulting in the wickedness of man with all manner of imaginations and intentions and the Lord regretted that He had created man on earth.
The Lord then decided to blot out mankind from the face of the earth through the flood but Noah ( an equivalent of today’s Rauf Aregbesola )found favour in the eyes of the Lord.
In ” Civilization and Ethics”, Albert Schweitzer is quoted as saying :” although it is political and economic question that the present day prescribes for study, we can accomplish the problems of political life if only we approach them as men who are trying to think ethically.”
“All those who in any way help our thought about ethics are working for the coming of PEACE and PROSPERITY in the world.They are engaged in higher politics and higher national economics.” “
Conversely, most Nigerians at a time like this, when Nigeria is facing one of the worst cataclysms, may be thinking of more money as the WAY- OUT rather than thinking of the WAY-FORWARD  through ministers who as ethicists are engaged in higher politics and higher national economics.
We are faced with internal war as manifested in Boko Haram and foreign herdsmen who are pulverising our hopes which have already been broken into fragments by leaders whose reasoning does not go beyond toy sex shops at every level of governance.
As brutal as murder is,being one of the crimes people consider as the worst against mankind, (but )it would shock you to know that it is not as devastating as sexual immorality which often bears its fangs through formication and adultery in both low and in high places.
Standing before you at the red chambers is therefore a ministerial nominee , Rauf Aregbesola who is an ethicist that this nation needs at a time like this .
The core of ethics   has a lot more to do with the characteristic spirit, disposition or genius of a people than the mere talk of reputation governing them and it was Oswald Chamber who drew out the world of difference between character and reputation, saying that :” reputation is what you are when people are around while Character is what you really are when no one is around.” In discussing Rauf as he stands before the hallowed chamber,
I am not here to present what Rauf Aregbesola is when people are around but what he is when no one is around.
 In the gospel according to Plutarch concerning character, the great thinker wrote: ” …men’s most conspicuous achievements do not always reveal his best strength or his weakness .Often a trifling incident, a word or a jest shows more of his Character than the battles where he slays thousands,his grandest ministering of armies and his siege of cities. ” For Nigerians who are used to understanding leadership only through the three-prone stereotypes to character studies , I must indeed be unintelligent and unintelligible placing Rauf in the realm of good leadership but some of us  know that the best and most scientific method of true character studies of leadership is through the cosmological perspective and it is this method that is now gaining currency among scholars in USA and other advanced nations. For now Rassela’s disquisition upon greatness as it relates to the locus in quo could be very apt as one considers the fact that ” to be great at times is to be misunderstood. ” According to him, “any man who acts in a wider compass must be more exposed to opposition from enemity or miscarriage from chance and whosoever has many to please or to govern must use the ministry of many agents, some of whom will be wicked, and some arrogant. By some he will be misled and by others betrayed, if he gratifies one he will offend others. “
“Those that are not favoured will think themselves injured and since favour can be conferred but upon a few , the greater number will always be discontented .” With much familiarity about the cosmology of leadership which has been the subject of my studies in the past forty years, the outcome of that experiment as revealed in my paper christened ” Ten Presidents ; Ten Governors and twenty fingers of their leprous hands ” bears brilliant testimony to Rauf as a ” Sworn Enemy of Convention ” who has been greatly misunderstood.
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Fagbola, a journalist writes from
Osogbo Osun State


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