What Has Sanwo-Olu Done in 100 Days?


What Has Sanwo-Olu Done in 100 Days?

It is exactly 100 days that Executive Governors inaugurated on the 29th of May 2019 took office and it’s time to take stock. As an individual I am not a fan of 100 days and I don’t know what brought about it but it’s now a culture we need to maintain. I have seen people talking about it today and asking what exactly has been achieved by the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has achieved.

From a citizen angle. The Governor has spent the last 100 days laying foundations that will define the remaining 3 and half years of his administration because it’s not about how far but how well. Let me start. On Traffic and Waste Management which is a major problem with Lagos, The Governor on assumption of office signed his first executive order which addresses these two major problems. This started with the rejuvenation of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) though leadership restructuring, extension of working hours and production of incentives to aid the effective delivery of the officers.

The Governor while on a visit to the Oshodi office of the agency said and I quote “As from the end of the month of July, we shall increase your allowances by 100 per cent. This would enable you to perform optimally. To whom much is given, much is expected.” He also used the avenue to advise LASTMA staffs from harassment of road user’s which might cast a blithe on their delivery. That visit has contributed in so small means to the effective LASTMA we have today and improved flow of Traffic in Lagos.

To complement the directive given to LASTMA, the government Mobilized personnel of Lagos State Public Works Corporation to all the roads in the 57 Local councils in Lagos for rehabilitation where necessary. To show how determined the Governor was, LSPWC immediately started a 24hr operation where roads are fixed day and night to make them motorable. As a regular road user, this has helped solved the perennial traffic at Ile-Ile Ketu, Mile 12, Ojota under bridge, Oshodi among others.

The Sanwo Olu administration is also clearing from Lagos roads the abandoned trailers that once contributed to the perennial traffic in the state while work is in top gear to get rid of them permanently as plans are underway to build trailer parks. This feat is expected to be sustained by the administration from now till the end of their tenure

On waste, I could remember a cartoon in a National Daily showing the famous ‘3 elders’ of Lagos covering their mouth in protesting the filthiness of the state. The state got so dirty that even the front of Visionscape office at Ogudu turned to a dumping ground as seen in a 2017 Picture but this has changed for the better. The Sanwo Olu administration brought back LAWMA and returned PSP Trucks to the street of Lagos. Today cleanliness is returning to Lagos. With the appointment of Muyiwa Gbadegesin as New head of LAWMA, the agency is positioned for continuous delivery.

On workers welfare, the Sanwo Olu administration after inauguration donated 35 New Buses to workers in the state to aid their mobility while salaries and pensions are being paid promptly. The state has also embarked on further processes of strengthening the civil service which is commendable. On Infrastructure, the state government is fixing roads continuously while longed abandoned roads like the Badagry Expressway have received a new lease of life from the administration.

On Security, the Sanwo Olu administration has been giving the necessary support to security agencies to improve security in the state while also partnering with traditional rulers to improve security in their domains. Like a Progressive that he is, Governor Sanwo-Olu has also continued works on several abandoned projects of the Ambode administration, Notable among this is the hurriedly commissioned uncompleted Oshodi Transport interchange, the Airport road among others.

As we all know that a bird does not fly with one hand, Governor Sanwo-Olu has constituted the Lagos executive cabinet which is expected to drive the continuous growth and development of Nigeria’s center of excellence. The Sanwo Olu administration has shown within the last 100 days that he is indeed poised to build a Greater Lagos with sustainable foundations.

• Adesina Tosin Nathaniel writes from Ikorodu


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