WAEC Certificate: Tribunal Affirms Buhari’s Eligibility to Contest


The PEPC has affirmed the eligibility status of President Muhammadu Buhari to contest the February 23 presidential election.

The court held that the then candidate Buhari possessed the required qualifications to contest the said election.

The tribunal in its ongoing rulings added that it is established that a candidate is not required under the Electoral Act to attach his certificate to his Form CF001 before a candidate is adjudged to have the requisite qualification to contest the election.

Citing a previous Supreme Court judgment, the tribunal said: “Submission of educational certificate is not a requirement for qualification to contest election for governor under section 177 Constitution.”

Tribunal also added that Buhari’s witnesses confirmed that Buhari received secondary school education.

“In effect, the 2nd defendant went through secondary education and then proceeded to military school. The military school is higher than secondary education,”

The tribunal held that Buhari is not only qualified but eminently qualified to contest the presidential election.

The tribunal added that the courses attended by Buhari are higher than secondary school education.


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