South Africans Rise Up, Protest Against Xenophobia


Many South Africans, on Sunday, trooped out to protest against the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals by some of their countrymen.

Foreign nationals, including Nigerians have come under a series of xenophobic attacks in the rainbow country in recent weeks after a taxi driver was killed by an alleged drug dealer in Pretoria.

As at last count, about 12 people were reportedly killed. Also, businesses belonging to foreigners were destroyed in and around Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city.

Following the incessant attacks, the Nigerian government has evacuated 187 of its citizens living in the country, while many others are expected to return.

Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa got a dose of the hate against his country by other Africans in Harare on Saturday during the funeral of late President Roberts Mugabe.

He was jeered and booed at the funeral of the late Zimbabwean leader, while apologising for the attacks in his country.

However, South Africans, joined by other foreign nationals on Sunday, staged a protest tagged ‘March Against Looting and Violence”.

Foreign nationals, including Nigerians who are unable to hide their miseries for the past three weeks troop out in their numbers to protest the violence meted on them.

The protesters who have been subjected to various degrees of terrifying ordeals were seen with different placards and were majorly dressed in black while decrying the violence on their persons and businesses.


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