Read Tacha’s Words to Mercy, Other Finalists of Big Brother


Natasha Akide, better known as Tacha, the disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate has penned a heartrending apology to her fans. 

To her arch-rival in the house, Mercy, she also has some good words.

The drama queen was disqualified following her encounter with the last standing female housemate, Mercy. 


With her disqualification, she lost the right to be associated with the show or be referred to as an ex-housemate. 


While in the house, she was full of drama and got into controversies on a daily basis with her trending on social media platform, Twitter on a daily basis. 


In her apology letter on her Instagram page, she said her weakness got the better of her while in the house. 


She wrote: “Bliss is one priceless state of mind I have always desired. This ideally comes with inner peace; the will to let go and let life take its course. 


The ability to let life lead and direct purpose to a climax regardless of the chaos and battles we may be experiencing. I did lose track of this in retrospect as I have had time to reflect on my dealings in the house. I am aware that I could have reacted better.


We have one life to lead and I have chosen to take charge of mine. To be in control when I can and to be vulnerable when it is absolutely necessary.


Now that I think about it, my relationships in the house would have gone a little bit differently if I loosened up a bit, had a laugh here and there and also loved a little more intensely.”


Continuing she wrote: “…Coming out of the Big Brother House disqualified was never my intention. Unfortunately, my weakness played against my strength and cut short what should have been a grand ending, with or without the prize.


“I sincerely apologise for every action on my part that led to this point and I take full responsibility for it all. I am an adult and ought to be in control of my emotions, but I am human and I failed time and again. Please, forgive me.”



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