Aisha Buhari Backs FG on Social Media Regulation


The President’s wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari, on Friday backed the Federal Government on its proposed social media regulation.

According to her, the misinformation spreading on social media which has continued to affect security of lives and properties in the country needs to be curbed.

Buhari spoke at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and National Executive Council Meeting held at the National Mosque in Abuja on Friday.

She added that if China which boast of the largest population in the world can control the usage of social media, there is nothing stopping Nigeria from attempting to control the platforms.

“On this issue of social media, you cannot just sit in the comfort of your house and tweet that the Vice President has resigned. It is a serious issue. If China can control over 1.3 billion people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180 million people,” she added.

Furthermore, she knocked Nigerian state governors for their failure to provide basic social amenities and infrastructure for their citizens.

She noted that the governors must rise to the occasion in providing what is considered basic to their people devoid of sentiments.

She said, “We should either fasten our seatbelt or do the needful or we will all regret it very soon because, at the rate things are going, things are getting completely out of hand. The VP (Yemi Osinbajo) is here, some ministers are here, they are supposed to do justice to the situation.

“People cannot afford potable water in this country while we have governors. Since this is the highest decision-making body of Islamic affairs, for those that are listening, we should fear God, and we should know that one day, we will return to God and account for our deeds here on earth.”

Speaking at the event, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo advised Nigerians to entrenched religious tolerance and be their brother’s keeper regardless.

Osinbajo said, “It is my view that the weight of ensuring that this country is on the right track is on our leaders. We should be our brother’s keeper no matter the religion. We should always be ready to make sacrifices for one another. We have religious and tribal tension in this country; many are beating the drum of ethnic and religious war. We are at a historic juncture of our nation.”


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