Are Elections Wars?


Two things happened last one week that have again shaken my distrust for the Nigerian institutions.

In both, you find part of the reasons we are so retarded as a people and one of the whys of our living in the past even when the rest of the world definitely is happy to leave us behind.

To me, the two are different and I intend to treat them as different entities. However this is not to say that they are not mutually related.

The first headache! The People Kogi state last week came out to vote in both the governorship election and the senatorial rerun ordered by the tribunal after it yanked off the controversial Senator Dino Melaye from the Red Chambers.

Under normal circumstances and if credible elections were realities in this country, we would have been stating whether both exercises were referendum on public acceptance or otherwise of two major actors on the Middle Belt State’s Political actors. But can we indeed apply the outcome of those polls as true tests of the people’s choices? I leave the answers to the readers.

Kudos to those brave chaps that still had the presence of the mind to put on video records some of the mindless and criminal activities as the actors and their parties sough to outdo each other on the bloody field of play.

Those kind of determined efforts have again assisted us to have something to jaw on and war on in our feeble lamentations over the customary electoral heist.

The governorship election had been concluded on Saturday and the results were on their ways being announced as at Sunday. But while all eyes were on the Independent National Electoral Commission men to make final declarations of the outcome, some people were busy plotting to avenge on the audacity of a participant in the Saturday election to have sought to defend the votes of her political party by challenging those who perfected their manipulations.

Mrs. Salome Abuh, the Woman Leader of the People’s Democratic Party paid for her ‘offense’ which was no more than asking members of a rival party to play by the rules of the game.

Not only that Salome, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a neighbor, a Nigerian died. She died in the most excruciating manner. She saw hell from earth.

The graphic illustrations of how Madam Salome was sent to the world beyond leaves one to demand when we would come back to our senses to turn elections to carnivals.

Reports have it that the unlucky Salome had stood up to some election riggers in her ward on Election Day and vowed to thwart all moves to manipulate the exercise in the area.

In a saner clime, Salome should live and be made to enter into the hall of fame for daring to compel the right things to be done to have better society. But in the judgment of her killers, her place should be the hottest part of hell. And one was prepared for her here on earth.

I saw the grim picture of the remains of Salome after the inferno went out. A mere skull, burnt out of its flesh and blood in an agonizing bye-bye to the world. Of course, the skeletons spoke of the cries of her last moment. And you can imagine the glee on the faces of her killers as they watched the tongues of flame and the blow of ashes on their sadistic faces.

The deed had been done! But what more?

Between Monday when Salome’s killers had satisfied their bloody thirst, the Nigerian Police had kept a criminal silence over the death.

And here comes the second issue in this debacle. The following Sunday, President Muhammadu Buhari finally found his voice to demand an explanation on the killing of Salome.

With a statement from the presidency, the C-i-C had asked the police to find the killers and bring them to book.

Surprisingly, the Nigerian Police Force that had not found anything to tell the public on the gruesome murder of this woman politician suddenly came up with its arrest of some suspects in connection with the incident. Here is the worry! Did it take the nation’s police authorities a whole week to make its findings on such a dastardly act? Were the leadership of the police waiting for a presidential order to apprehend the arsonists?

There is culpability here. And this is one of those instances that readily give the NPF away as an organization with no respectable standard in its rules of engagements.

From the level of the Inspector General, down to the Assistant Inspector General, down to the State Commissioner, State Command, down to the Area Command and the Divisional Office where the heinous crime took place, the NPF failed Salome, her family, the people of Kogi, Nigerians and humanity in general.

Nothing makes you loose confidence in your country than the inability of her institutions to protect her citizens when the needs arise.

In the case of this hapless soul, there are more questions than answers.


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