After 90 Minutes, It's England 1; Italy 1 as Team Go Into Extra Time (FOLLOW LIVE COVERAGE)

The die is cast for Sunday evening’s final of the European Championship holding at the Wembley Stadium London.

In few more minutes, the English team will take on the Italians in what England takes as its first “must win” since 1956.

  • 8:00pm Kick off by Italy 
  • 1:26: First corner kick taken by Italy 
  • 1:35: First goal scored by via a shot taken by Shaw 
  • 6:58: Italy throw away a goal mouth opportunity via a free kick
  • 9:24: Two throwing opportunities by England
  • 9:57: England misses a goal opportunity 
  • 12:12: Pressure mounts on Italy, concedes another corner kick
  • 13:34; Another corner in favour of England after a slippery pass
  • 20:02: Another free kick in faviur if England, quikcly followed by a throwing
  • 21:35: Italian player brought down badly, taken out of the picth for medical attention
  • 23:53: England in some confident mesmerising moves dribbling Italian players out of the way to the admiration of the spectators 
  • 24:57: Italy makes a daring moves towards England goal mouth but switfly dispossed by England's defenders
  • 32:57: Pressure mounts on England as Italy regains 
  • 35:52pm: Italy misses a goal opportunity 
  • 44:57: Throwing in favour of Italy
  • 45:57: Dangerous moves by Italy in front of England's goal mouth
  • First half ends with England leading 1-0
  • 49:46: Italy secures a free kick which goes off the post after an ambitious 
  • 54:56: Sterling brought down in a hard tackle by Italian player
  • 61:43: A dangerous shot at the goal mouth of England which was saved by England's goalkeeper 
  • 65:59: Another attempt at England's goal mouth 
  • 65:50 Italy levels up with a goal making 1-1
  • 68:30: England caving in under pressure from Italy 
  • 70:16: England replaces player with Bukayo Saka 
  • 74:30: Italy gets more daring and challenging
  • 75:07: Italy's ball posssession increases dictating the pace of the game
  • 78:43: Bukayo Saka brought down by Italy; earns a free kick 
  • 79:30: Italy gets booed by fans
  • 83: 07: Englash misses a goal opportunity
  • 84: 20: Lorenzo Insigne of Italy bags yellow card after hard tackels
  • 85:45: Italy makes another replacement
  • 90:00 : Full time plus 6 extra minutes
  • GioGio Chielini of Italy brings down England's Bukayo Saka violently
  • Final Whistle


Extra Time (First Half)

  • 5:06: Sterming in dangerous move against Italy, brought down
  • 7:09: Throwing for Italy
  • 7:11: Another throwing opportunity
  • 8:07: More pressure on England
  • 12:12: England almost conceded a goal 
  • 15:00: England bags a free kick to be taken by Shaw
  • End of first half of the extra-time


Extra Time (Second Half)

  • England's Harry Maguiere bags yellow card as Italy earns free kick
  • A free kick taken and almost lost by England's goalkeeper 
  • England almost got a goal at 18th minute of extra time
  • 18:47: free kick for England 
  • 20:52: Sterling makes an incursion into the box of Italians 
  • 21:35: Throwing for England, quickly taken and sent to the goalkeeper
  • 22: 40: Johghinho bags yellow card after hard tackle against England player
  • 24:46: Free kick taken but caught by the Italian goalkeeper 
  • 29:58: Last minute corner kick by Italy.
  • Rashford takes a throwing
  • Final Whistle! 
  • Penalty !



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