Angel Sets Internet on Fire as Viewers Open Comments Over Her Dress

One of the housemates of the Shine Ya Eyes edition of Big Brother show Angel has set the Internet on fire with her dress.

Angels entered the house on Sunday with a fully revealing dress which left little to imagination on her endowments.

Recall that one of the housemates of the last edition Dorathy Bachor had equally sent viewers talking about her endowments till the end of the show.

After Angels arrived on Sunday many have taken to the social media to pass comments in what appears to make her a possible focus in the next few days.

“Low budget Dorathy” was the comment by a viewer who appears to be comparing her endowments to those of Dorathy in terms of size.

“Disgusting!” Was the comment by another as more people react to her appearance. 

“Olympus has fallen” was another comment which referred to the saggy nature of her endowments.

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