Baba Suwe’s Son Apologizes After Condemning Actors

Son of deceased actor, Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe, Adesola on Tuesday apologized to actors and other stakeholders over his condemnation of theatre practitioners for allegedly abandoning his father.

A whatsapp message that Adesola released shortly the death of his father on Monday has gone viral.

He has been variously berated for such action.

In a statement on his Instagram message however, asked for forgiveness.

He posted, “As the son of the veteran actor late Babatunde Omidina ‘Baba Suwe’ I am genuinely issuing this statement to denounce and condemn the video(s) about Baba Suwe’s death that has been wrongly posted.

“The Nollywood, TAMPAN, the government, Prophets, family and fans have been supportive in their own ways. I tender an apology to all the groups, people and families affected! Again, please disregard any inappropriate ‘video’ circulating social media.” 

According to the same son, the burial of the late comic actor will commence on Thursday at his residence at Elepe in Lagos.

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