Breaking! Heavy Mid-Air Damage as Ethiopian Airline Plane Survives Bird Strike

Tragedy was averted today when a plane belonging to the Ethiopian Airlines was struck mid-air by birds.

NPO Reports gathered that the aircraft which landed at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja in Lagos is a cargo plane which came from Addis Ababa and landed at about 1:30pm on Saturday.


Landing, emergency Airport workers were said to have been placed on red alert.

The impact of the bird strike was said to have been so heavy that a part of the wing of the aircraft was badly damaged.

As at the time of

Landing, one of the birds that actually struck the plane was still stuck on the trunk of the aircraft.

A source at the airport told the NPO Reports that the crew had managed the situation very well until the plane landed safely.

“Bird strike is a major problem in the aviation industry, “ an aviation expert told the NPO Reports

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