Breaking! Nigerian Presidential Candidate Dies

By Halimah Olamide

A former presidential candidate Pa Olapade Agoro has died.
The news of his death was broken early Sunday morning by his daughter Adeola Agoro on her Facebook page.
Agoro was 77 years old.
He stood as the founder and presidential candidate of the National Action Council (NAC).
Agoro, though, never known to be a very strong presidential candidate, was prominent with his media campaigns for the topmost job in Nigeria.
Agoro was also a religious leader being a prominent cleric of one of the unorthodox churches in Nigeria.
The daughter wrote, “Olapade Agoro we are calling you but you're not answering again.
Ha! We said we loved you but you refused to listen.
You have left us like that.
It's not okay o. It's just not okay.
But as you have gone to be with your mother Dorcas Oyejola Asabi, I won't talk yet.
“But this is not fair on me.
Baba Deola, you should have looked back a little now....
Ha death you're wicked!”

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