Don’t Ever Think of Returning as Ekiti Governor; Angry Responders Tell Niyi Adebayo


An old photo of former Governor of Ekiti State Otunba Niyi Adebayo has sparked outrage especially over rumours of an intention to succeed Governor Kayode Fayemi.

Adebayo had shared a photo of the morning of his inauguration 21 years ago on his social media page reliving memories of the more than two decades.

However the photo has caused the anger of many responderes most of them apparently indigenous people of Ekiti who castigated the former governor for what they called failure of his administration to make any  meaningful impact on the people in his tenure.

Adebayo had tweeted with the picture, "Exactly 21-years ago, on the morning of my inauguration as the first Executive Governor of Ekiti State. I thank God for his consistent mercy and grace over my life. I also thank all my supporters, at home in Ekiti State — and across the country for their unwavering support."

However, @Iyemelon replied him that his administration was bad and could not be forgetten.

She tweeted," And I remember your government was so bad that the citizens created songs of insults and denigration just for you. We haven't forgotten sir. Continue to stay away. We don't want you anywhere near Ekiti state governance.

She added, "He needs to know. These sychophants that are praising him to high heavens are the same ones whose fathers cried in frustration at the endless months of salaries owed. 

"Ekiti will NOT welcome him back. He should stay at the federal level jeje. We are coping right now."

Stephen @Akomlilwayne, also tweeted, "And we also remember you rigging the local government election in Irepodun/Ifelodun. You are a fraud and God will punish you for all you did."

@tosinonthemove,"You people laid bad foundation for my state. I was in unad that turned eksu now. Those girls you dey always export for our campus won't forget you. you manage to asphalt our road on the eve of your failed reelection. Nothing to celebrate joo."

@D_Famuyide, "Congratulations on your landmarks achievement sir, know that you will also go down in history as the most incompetent then and now. History will judge US all. Congratulations once again."

@saredems, "Memories are sweet when you have achieved above it. I was a student at University of Ado Ekiti then, it was rough and tough then as a student. You performed badly.'

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