EndSARS: Actor Kunle Afolayan Says All Have Contributed to Decay in Society

A prominent actor, Kunle Afolayan, has attributed the contribution of Nigerians to moral decadence in the country.

Afolayan made the claim on Instagram attaching an extraction of Taxi Driver 2, produced by his father, Adeyemi Afolayan in 1987.

He stated that all hands must be on deck to stem the tide of moral decadence.

He cited scenarios in which corruption and all sorts of vices have been encouraged through actions and inactions.

He admonished Nigerians to take note of irregularities and work towards a better Nigeria.

He also took a stand against Police brutality lending his voice to the #EndSARS campaign that has entered the 13th day.

Afolayan said: "Gbogbo wa lani ise lati se ti a ba fe dekun iwa Ibaje! (All hands must be on deck to stem the tide of moral decadence)

"Snowball effect.....

"We know something is bad but we ignore taking action to curb it because we think “it’s not significant, that small thing...”, until it spirals out of control!

"You are well aware that the money used in purchasing that #10 million car your husband/wife/son /daughter drives was not paid for by their less than #100,000 government salary but you do not ASK questions about the SOURCE...

"You are fully aware your boyfriend/partner/husband is a yahoo/fraudster/Armed-robber but you’ve conditioned your mind to see him as a BUSINESS MAN. Na hustle abi!?

"You did not get the required grades and credit to qualify you for admission in that higher citadel of learning but there you are taking up space because your parent/uncle/Aunty knows someone that someone who knows someone.....

"You know that your child isn’t academically qualified for that position in a government office but you push buttons to get them the job, depriving credible candidates a chance to prove their worth and make the system work.....

"You know you do not intend to start nor finish that project but you got the contract by agreeing to give the person in charge a certain percentage. Afterall you have NOTHING to lose seeing as you do not intend to do the job anyway.....

"Right in front of you, a fellow citizen is being harassed, rather you speak up and ask WHAT DID HE/SHE do? , you turn a blind eye because “abeg, I no want wahala”..... WAHALA TI DE BAYI!

"REFLECT! That your family member in public office, you have encouraged their corrupt practices somehow! Be it with your silence or demands, you contributed to THIS!

"It’s a chain reaction.....

"Going forward, it shouldn’t and cannot be business as usual! We all have work to do to curb the decay in our society!

"I believe in the movement and together we can make it meaningful



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