Fela’s Daughter, Yeni Shares Lovely Photos of Lover on Birthday

First daughter of the Late Afro-beats Legend Fela

Anikupola -Kuti, and co-host of television programme, Your Views, Yeni Kuti, has shared photos of her lover on the occasion of his birthday.

While celebrating her lover's birthday, she said, " Happy birthday Lawson 

I wish you all the best today and always. my handsome Bobo.”

Speculations have flooded the air on whether the duo have married due to the way they usually appear online always decked in same attires.

The lovebirds shocked the world when they disclosed they’ve been together for about fifteen years.

They have also said their marriage shouldn't be something the public should expect in a hurry, adding that 'When she’s 75 and I am 77, we will have a big wedding in Badagry. We’ve picked a date already," he said.

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