Fitness Exercises to the Rescue in Nigerian Residential Estates as Lockdown Takes Toll

Many Nigerians are finding out that the indoors are not the best of places to be at all times.

NPO Reports investigations show that in less than one week of the lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun which started its own last Friday, many residents have devised means of giving their bodies activities that could kill boredom.

"We have seen that even boredom can kill faster than the much dreaded Coronavirus," volunteered a resident of Omole Phase 2 in Ikeja area of Lagos state, Olajide Adegbite.

Early morning hours now witness many estate residents coming out with whole family members taking part in one form of physical fitness exercise or the other.

"Some of us had indeed been on advised fitness instructions before now because of existing health conditions," said Engr Kadir Nihinlola, a Civil servant in Lagos 

At 58, Nihinlola said he had actually been on fitness for years but the schedule of duties and social events would not allow him keep to his prescribed activities.

"Now is the time for me to obey that schedule," he said as he moved round the small soccer pitch in the estate in Lagos.

Mrs Mary Falola, a resident of Ikorodu, told the NPO Reports on Saturday that the physical fitness has become a daily routine for residents of her estate. 

"You see families coming out once it is 5pm and they stay out for one exercise or the till about 7:30pm. " she said.

The fitness awareness is becoming much rife in view of the fact that many people are developing other health complications other than coronavirus.

At a private hospital in Iju area of Lagos, a doctor told the NPO Reports of rising cases of swollen legs. "These are some of the fallouts of people staying indoor. That there is a stay-at-home does not mean you cannot make your body active. In fact, that could worsen the situation if not immediatel addressed." Said Dr. Salam Al-Amin.

It is just about one week into the two weeks of lockdown ordered by the government. There is at least one week more to go provided there is no extension which is already being placed on the table as part of the measures to defeat the spread of the virus.

Should that happen, it is expected that many more would come out for the exercise in residential areas as part of means to keep themselves in shape. 



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