France Boosts Drugs War With Bulletproof Vests Others


As part of its continuing support of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the French government has yesterday, donated bulletproof jackets and a variety of technical equipment to the Nigerian counter-narcotics agency.
The equipment which was presented by Mr. Guirec Blochet, Drug Attaché and Mr. Emmanuel Verin, Police Attaché to NDLEA Chairman/CEO, Gen. MB Marwa (Retd) included bulletproof jackets, handcuffs, armoured head and body shields.
Since the establishment of NDLEA in 1990, the French government has been a good partner with the agency which has increased the bilateral assistance for combatting narcotics trafficking in Nigeria.
Part of its support to NDLEA was the language training it provided for the agency's personnel in February 2021.
The French government has been walking the talk on its promise to the agency.
"We will provide the necessary support to assist in eradicating illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroine, among others," the French government had said.

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