FRSC Marshall Goes On Sócial Media With a Rare Message on Road Crash

By Nofisat Marindoti

While Nigerians have lost trust in security operatives due to harassment and extortion, a Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Marshall, Babatunji Adeloye has chosen to stand out. 

He has pledged to make the road safer for all road users and enforce all rules and regulations on the Highways.

Adeloye said his dream is to see a Nigeria with zero death accidents.

"Good morning to all Nigerians. I am Tunji Adeloye. I make the Road safer for Road users and enforce all rules and regulations on the Highways. I wish to let you know that i am trained to be firm, fair and friendly. 

Adeloye who said this on his Facebook page, also called for support from Nigerians to make the dream a reality.

"I do my assignments with all fairness and firmness. No to favoritism. I make a lot of friends and keep the good ones qmong them. 

Please, if you know you are one of my very good friends, join hands with me in making my dreams come true. What is that dream?

"To live in a Nigeria where even if there is a Road Crash, there will be Zero death.

"Yes, it is very realistic, if we all do the needful. God bless Nigeria my country and God bless Federal Road Safety", he added.

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