God Had Told Me The Whole World Would be on Compulsory Holiday This Year -Pastor Adeboye

Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Enorch Adeboye on Sunday said he had revelation earlier this year that the whole world would be forced to go on holiday.

At his service on Sunday Adeboye said those who recall his words in January this would should remember he said that members of his church should fast for 50 days but did not explain why.

“I told you to fast then but did not explain why. This was because I had revelation that the whole world would be on compulsory holiday.

“He (God) wants to show the world that He is still in control 

“If you think you are big, He will tell you that you should sit down.

But as soon as He has shown to the whole world that He can shut down the whole world, He will remove the plague

The world should know that there is God” Adeboye said at a service monitored by the NPO Reports.

He asked members of his church to “Enjoy your public holiday declared from heaven.”

He used the opportunity to admonish people to maintain the level of personal hygiene achieved because of the coronavírus pandemic reminding them of the place of cleanliness in the sight of God.

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