It’s a Dark Day For Democracy- IAPC

It’s a Dark Day For Democracy- IAPC

The International Association of Political Consultants has said the breach on the United States Congress amounted to a dark day for democratic ideals across the world.

IAPC President Mauricio De Vengoechea, in a statement released in the wake of violence at the Capitol Hill on Wednesday said what happened was the same ugly incidents in some backwater areas of the world.

The association said Wednesday invasion demonstrated that democracy is fragile.

It added that before now, Americans had been bombarded with claims of electoral fraud which Trump has failed to prove.

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MIAMI, FLA. (January 6, 2021) – Mauricio de Vengoechea, president of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC), issued the following statement:


Today is a dark day for democracythe democratic process and the peaceful transition of power. On the day when the United States Congress undertakes its solemn and constitutionally mandated responsibility to officially count Electoral College votes, supporters of Donald Trump’s fraudulent election claims marched on the Capitol and rioted. These despicable acts resulted in at least one death, desecrated the U.S. Capitol and represent images often seen on television in other countries around the world. 


Since November 3, vast segments of the American public have been bombarded with Donald Trump’s claims that the election was stolen and results were fraudulent. None of these spurious claims have been proven. In fact, they have all been disproven in court. 


Today’s violence and disorder highlights that democracy is fragile. But hope springs eternal for a brighter day. America’s leaders must do better – if not immediately then on January 20 and thereafter. American voters and democracy deserve better.


“With more than 50 years as a global champion of democracy, the IAPC believes these events underscore the importance of ethical leadership, election transparency, respect for the facts and understanding and respect of due process in constitutional democracies.

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