Kwara Hotel: Hospitality Still in Its Old Grandeur

The reception area of Kwara Hotels, Ilorin

The share magnificence of Kwara Hotel, Ilorin, Kwara State still makes it an edifice you cannot miss in the ancient city.

Berthed on Ahmadu Bello Way, GRA, the ancient beauty still makes new facilities in the same line of hospitality business go green with envy in spite of their own claims to modernity and glitz.

The forty-six year old hotel has seen good and bad times. Established in 1975, Kwara Hotel’s six storey gives lodgers a panoramic view of Ilorin especially coming out from your room balcony to catch a glimpse of the vastness that is also the premises of the facility.

A panoramic view of the hotel showing swimming pool area 


The hotel is old, yes! But in its old age now still intact are those age-long infrastructure that made it the doyen of hospitality more than four decades ago.

The Olympics sized swimming pool, the huge gymnasium, the ariya garden and sports centre still revel in their old grandeur even if at some points these facilities almost became decayed. 

In 2018, a bid was made for the total renovation of the hotel to the tune of N1bn to bring back its lost glory.

A night at the hotel now gives you some pleasure. When you drive into this expansive hotel, you are immediately reminded that here lies a monument which has seen many decades.

The reception, a large expanse of area with two major shops overlooking those entering, make the hotel welcoming. 

 Its restaurant, a moderately furnished arena where you are immediately ‘arrested’ by the aroma of different delicacies prepared for the breakfast. 

And if you care for morning physical exercise before making for your breakfast, the Physique, the hotel’s gym readily welcomes you into a room of fitness that makes you that complete sound mind in a sound body.

Another view of the reception 


There are modern hotels in Ilorin. Noktels Resorts, G-Pinnacle Hotels, Shekinna Suites, Whitefields Hotels, Crystal House International and others, none seems to be ready to compare with the ambitious outlook of Kwara even more than four decades after its existence. 

There are needs for some improvements. But even at that, the hotel in its present form still offers those in search of hospitality that ample opportunity to relax and spend time with family.

Reminding you of the name of the hotel


Looking for a hotel that meets the hospitality needs of the 21 century, owners of this facility have all its takes to make the standing edifice transform into a ranking facilities in the ilk of those managed by Marriots, Raddison, and other top brands in hotel and hospitality business.

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