Ladies Go Naked, Security Men Scramble for Dollars as ‘Big Boys’ Storm Anambra for England Obi Cubana’s Mom’s Burial

It has been three days of endless display of wealth in Oba, Anambra state as those considered to be big boys in the Nigerian entertainment industry stormed the state to bury mother of the Cubana chieftain Obi Cubana.

Friends and colleagues of the entertainment guru have promised to “shut down” Anambra to demonstrate how wealthy the children of the late woman are as singers, actors and others turned in since Thursday in what has been described as the biggest party so far in the state.

On display have been over 400 cows claimed to have been donated by friends as part of their contributions to the burial.

Popular actor Kanayo O Kanayo had made a video on Thursday saying jokingly “if your girlfriend tells you she has traveled, go check she may be in Oba”

Of note has been the open display of cash as cash were sprayed.

Different videos have surfaced showing ladies some of them stripping in swimming pools while money was sprayed on them.

The event has also set many Nigerians talking as some condemned the wanton display of wealth amidst national economic crisis and insecurity.

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