Lagos Task Force Speaks On Man’s Death in Oshodi

The Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit (Task Force) has dismissed the claim being made by some people that it is responsible for the death of a young man which happened in the Oshodi Area of the state on Tuesday morning.

There were social media report claiming that it was the Task Force that killed the man. A Twitter user, @datoshodiboi had claimed that the Task Force killed the man, who is his cousin. He alleged that they didn't allow him to carry the body of the man, whom he said has a old mother while his father his late.

However, the Task Force in a statement via the Twitter handle of the Lagos State Government described the social media reports blaming it for the death as false.

It said the young man died as a result of the reckless driving of a traffic defaulter who hit him with his vehicle while trying to flee from operatives of the Task Force.


Read the full statement below.

“Early this morning, a commercial bus driver was illegally loading passengers by the roadside in Oshodi and, on noticing the presence of a Lagos Task Force vehicle, took off recklessly at a high speed, knocking down the innocent young man who was trying to cross the expressway.

“Despite warnings and enlightenment campaigns about the dangers of violating traffic laws, commercial drivers have continued to flout the law and put the lives of commuters at risk. This violation of the law led to the death that occurred in Oshodi.

“No gunshot was fired within the vicinity as being rumoured on social media. Members of the public are advised to refrain from believing false information released online by mischievous individuals who are out to cause public disorder and unrest in Lagos.

“The Lagos State Government sympathises with the family of the deceased young man. The reckless commercial bus driver will be apprehended and prosecuted in accordance with the law.”

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