Make Up Artist Creates Scary Image; But It’s Mere Work of Art

A Nigerian make-up artist Created an optical illusion using vaseline, flour, cotton wool and food colours to create a scary image that looks like a terrific injury on her leg.

The Twitter user which handle is @ayira_fx posted the creative work on her page and these got people talking about it.

@ayira_fx creative make up illustration will actually leave you stupefied because she made it as if it is a real wound that could surface on someone's leg.

These actually generated mixed reactions from people, while some gave her credit for the creative work, some critisise the work.


See reactions of twitter users below:

@naijama: Your hands are indeed gifted, though when your work is placed next to (what I assume to be) the real thing, the difference is easier to spot …

@MJBuchi: Get this one exposed to the sun and see it turn to the Make Over...

@TheHommee: Aswear na lie. Na real wound be this

@AlphaCustoms: I hope this pictures don't enter WhatsApp with false information like "a lady was attacked for refusing his boyfriend's proposal"

@Ahnie8: Nollywood will not see this one to use o, it's to be using the ones that will use garri and soup to create effect.

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