Moments Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Came Down For 45 minutes

A sudden crash has affected the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp App.

The crash, was confirmed from different socialhandles on Twitter.

When the incident happened, users of the social networks took to their Twitter handle tweeting on the scenario.

Not long after the connection was down, WhatsApp hashtag has been trending. It was gathered that WhatsApp reached 1.42m and still counting as the most tweeted on the app.

One user shared a picture of the word "connecting…." and said "wifi on and off, phone on and down, switch to data, Instagram still down, WhatsApp still down."

Another talked about using on form of social media to check on another, tweeting that they came to Twitter "o see if WhatsApp and Instagram is down."

Responding to the incident, WhatsApp on its official handle on Twitter, said :" Thanks for your patience, that was a long 45 minutes but we are back! #WhatsAppDown."

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