Nigerians Descend on Ex-BBNaija Housemate Wathoni Over Poor Showing During TV Show*


Nigerians have taken to social media to chide ex-BBNaija housemate, Wathoni, for performing below expectations at a TV show.

She was a guest at Celebrity Chat programme of Plus TV where she failed trivia posed to her by the host. 


Below are some of the reactions:

@adesanyadarking tweeted: "A lot of our celebrities are not intelligent 😂. Like WTF was that from Wathoni;Even toddlers knows that Democracy isn't on Oct 1st.what killed me the most in that interview was her saying Dubai is a continent 😭. I'm inquisitive to know how BBnija does it screening."

@_iamtomi Nothing dey this Wathoni babe head, just vibes. 😂😂😂 #bbnajia2020"

@Nanya_xo This Wathoni's interview is embarrassing... Basic things secondary school students know 😩

So if she goes on the ndani tgif show... She'd deffo go home drunk😭

@tweetsofchesky Imagine if frank Edoho was the host of that Wathoni interview.

She will even need a hint to answer "what is your name"

@FASTnFIERCE This Wathoni interview is a disaster

These are the brick heads I'm expected to watch on 24hr reality TV show? 



Bbnaija should test the IQ of prospective housemates before approving them

@ROS1609 People are really surprised about that Wathoni interview.She's an example of woke generation that will tell you what's the benefit of following news and happenings around them.Just recently when PMS was hiked to 162,a lady said she never knew Nigeria was importing petrol,i died🤣

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