New Regulations Aimed At Protecting Genuine Courier Operators- NIPOST

The Nigerian Postal Service has said that the new regulations being put in place are aimed at protecting genuine courier and logistics operators by wielding out unregistered ones.

NIPOST Said the condemnations by some people especially online which happened on Friday were uncalled for adding that no where in the world is the ease of doing business aided when businesses operate without registration with the appropriate regulatory agency.

NIPOST spokesman Franklin Alao, in a statement made available to the NPO Reports late Friday night said genuine business owners who know what the logistics business entails would not be part of the protests against the new regulations. 

"The new regulations were not planned to frustrate ease of doing business rather they aimed to promote growth of MSMEs.  It would create a sense of sanity, consumer-service provider trust, Alao told the NPO Reports.

He said the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy gave the new regulations what he called "serious  considerations before those charges were arrived at and the need for  categorizing the operating lincense."

He added, "It is  part of the strategies to ensure effective service delivery as consumers would know the capacities of the operators they are dealing with.

 "Where there can be issues is where a courier/logistics company with capacity for a local government area wants to operate on a state-wide or nation-wide scale. This would not be acceptable.

 "If your license is for a state, limit your operations to the state/ region."


On the fees to be paid by operators for new licenses or renewal, Alao said, " And you can see that the registration fee and renewal fees are according to the category of the operation of an operator.

"Kindly note that consumers of the courier service would be better off as this will drive charlatans out of the industry. Genuine and serious operators would come back to celebrate this move by the NIPOST."

In recent times, there have been an emergence of several logistics courier operators with many of them said to be unregistered for business.

NIPOST said it would defeat the concept of ease of doing business if logistics companies are allowed to multiply with no regulations guiding their operations.

Many have taken to the social media to condemn the new regulations saying they are too hash and would drive small businesses out.

NIPOST had announced a séries of new fees to be paid by operators in the industry while also categorizing the operators according to their areas and jurisdictions of operations.




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