Presidency to Intervene Soon as NIPOST, FIRS Stamp Duty Battle Gets Messier

It has been quiet from the Presidency in the last two months also when the battle for the control of stamp duty collection resumed much more vigorously between two agencies of the Federal Government. 

The fight between the Nigeria Postal Service and the Federal Inland Revenue got messier on Monday when the Chairman of NIPOST, Mrs. Maimuna Yaya Abubakar took to her twitter handle to berate the FIRS over alleged usurpation of stamp duty revenue.

Abubakar had called on Nigerians to rescue NIPOST from being driven out of business since stamp duty is a business of NIPOST backed by the appropriate laws. 

Abubakar had stated in one of her tweets, "There is no where in FIRS act or stamp duty act where it's so stated that FIRS can produce stamp or sale stamp" 

Many believe that the NIPOST Chairman's social media outcry may have been the result of the loud silence from the Presidency. 

Tuesday, FIRS has responded in equal measure by challenging Abubakar to substantiate her claims over the usurpation of the stamp duty responsibility.

In a statement by Ismail Ahmad, Director of Communication and Liason at FIRS, Abubakar went out of her way claiming that FIRS had snatched the stamp duty from NIPOST.

The tweet war has sparked a social media war with responders taking sides either with the NIPOST which had been known traditionally to be responsible for stamp duty collections or FIRS which just came into the foray.

However, many Nigerians have been miffed by the silence from the presidency since the imbroglio started.

Most have demanded why two agencies of the government would be entangled in such a bitter war over responsibilities.

Responding to an inquiry on Tuesday, a presidency source simply hinted that that the presidency would wade into the matter "very soon."


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