Read Chats as Airtel’s VP Communication Emeka Oparah Runs into Paul A Day After P-Square Reconciliation

A day after twin singers, Peter, Paul and their elder brother Jude reconciled, Vice President Communications of Airtel Emeka Oparah has narrated how he ran into one of the duo Thursday morning.

Oparah, a leading Public Relations practitioner in Africa, said he was on his morning walkout when he ran into Paul.

“Paul, is it true? Is it for real?” Oparah said he asked in excitement

He said Paul had replied him 

“Yes, Bros, it’s for real!”

“OMG! Paul, Ive got tears in my eyes right now. I’ve always prayed for this day, when I will see you guys after burying the hatched. Wow!”

“Thank you, Bros. It’s God. It’s good to trust God and allow Him to do things at His time.”

Oparah said with the way he felt, he must have hugged Paul 25 times. He wrote “Then, we quickly took a selfie before cars started stopping, hailing him and thanking God. It took a while, but it happened. God’s time is the best time-and that time was yesterday. 

“Paul asked me whether I was still jogging. I knew why he asked. Probably Peter was going to join him. Sadly, I couldn’t wait-and I didnt want to force it by phoning Peter to come out. Tomorrow is another day. #WeMove!!!”

Before the encounter, the PR guru said he had prayed fervently to come across any of them twin brothers or at least one of them.

For five years, the sensational singers parted ways after many years of successful musical career.

Their reconciliation has sent the entertainment industry buzzing.

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