Nigerian Musician Salawa Abeni Cries Out as Blackmailer Threatens Her With Nude Photos

One of the messages sent to Abeni

Nigerian Waka Queen Salawa Abeni has cried out over an attempt to blackmail her with some of her nude photos.

Abeni who went to her Instagram page to display screenshots of messages sent to her today by the alleged blackmailer said the sender demanded to be paid otherwise he would release more damaging photos to the public.

However the popular female musician sounded adamant not to succumb to threats by anyone.

She rather released the photos herself along the messages where the sender demanded for payments.

She said in her message "I received messages from somebody threatening to expose very old pictures of me and in the process, blackmailing me for money"

She added that she has build her career over 45 years noting that the photos could has been her either in a hospital or with her partner.

Saying she is almost 60 and could be old enough to be mother of the sender, Abeni said she refuse to be bullied by anyone.

The sender claimed that he lives in Osun State and his name is Jason.

While asking if the Waka exponent was amazed at the photos, he said he was sure she would not like such photos trending on the social media. 


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