The Scarves Fashion: The Trend, The Fashion, The Statement

Maryam Apaokagi (Taooma)Caption

Popular television hosts such as Malika Bilal would not be recognisable sans their scarves. Apart from the Islamic dictates that want Muslim women to cover their heads, the trend has assumed the dimension of a global acceptance and more young women are now out to make statements with such scarves. 

Gone are the days when young ladies saw it as the rave to fly their long hairs. Today's young lady feels incomplete without her scarves. 

That the trend is being popularised by women of glamour cannot be removed from the fact of its growing popularity. In Nigeria, communities of young ladies now find it more fashionable to compliment their wears with beffitting scarves. 

Tao, a popular online comedian has said that she has choosen to made scarves a complimentary part of her appearance. Thus, Tao is not seen cracking Nigerian ribs without her scarves on. When she appeared recently at the office of the BBC in Lagos, Tao was not without her scarves.

When she was at the orientation camp for her national youth service scheme, she was not without her scarves. Everywhere she goes, her trademark is her scarve.

From the business side of it all, scarves sales is providing a marketing opportunity for equally young women who find it appealing to sell especially online.

Mariam Okanlawon, a 400 Level Physiology student of a Nigerian university runs an online scarves sales outfit called The Jamila Woman. 

According to her, "apart from the desire to want to help young women like me to fulfil theri desires to obey the religious dictates, I am happy being part of a culture that makes women happy," Mariam told the NPO Reports.

"No doubt that is the in-thing now. And so The Jamila Woman is there solely to help you get the best you can get in the scarve coutre."

In styling, apart from the decision to wear it, ladies now also make distinct statements with their scarves depending on how to style it. 

"It depends on the look you so much desifre," says Sadiya, a Nigerian media content creator who does not want her name in full.

"I am a woman but I love to be different in all I do. I want to wear scarves but I love to be unique in my wearing it," Sadiya said. 




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