See Arts Enthusiast Funsho Aina of MTN’s Impression of “Ayinla” the Movie After Premier in Lagos

First, there was the definitive Dr. Festus Adedayo's book on Ayinla Omowura, one of the most gifted musicians to come out of Nigeria. And now, the much-anticipated Tunde Kelani's bio pic - 'Ayinla,' which premiered yesterday at Ebony Life TV complex in Victoria Island, Lagos. 

I hope you will agree with me that the quality is high rent, and the stamp of authority normally associated with gifted craftsmen like TK is in abundant display. 

Ayinla's prodigious musical talent was well-engaged in the film, so also was his notorious outlawry.

The portrayal by the lead character, Lateef Adedimeji (Ayinla) was sublime (dunno why he did not have Ayinla's Egba tribal marks sha). 

However, not much on 'Wahidi's' youth and family background were on display, which leads to the question: could some things (plot, dialogue, characterization etc) have been done better in the movie? Yes. But overall, I think it is a very good representation - entertaining, persuasive and informative. It is definitely worth repeated viewings. 

I particularly congratulate my friend, Olajide Bello, who is one of the producers, for finally finding a creative outlet for his obsession with 'Egunmogaji.'

The film will ensure that Ayinla continues to live on in our consciousness, and with any luck, stoke the interest of Nigerians born after 1980, the year 'Oloburo' (songbird) died unnecessarily in a bar room brawl.

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