See Breathtaking Images of Amputee Water Hawker After Help Came Her Way

Don't let your stigma define you.

This is true on the part of an amputee named Mary Daniel who was spotted in a market hawking packaged water in a popular market in Lagos.

Ever since her picture while hustling was taken by an unidentified person and dumped online, she has started receiving huge financial supports from Nigerians to better her living condition.

In an interview monitored by NPOreports, Daniel told how she lost her leg to an accident that claimed everyone else's lives including her parents.

This, she said, happened in 2006. Life took a different turn for the young lady as her condition made her drop out of school in junior secondary school.

She said that she had done menial jobs like firewood and fruits business, fetching water for people and so forth just to  care for her little kid and grandmother before she eventually considered bottled water hawking.

Lamenting her challenges as a Lagos hawker, Mary said at times, motors hit her and customers run away with her money.

Mary stated that she had one time had the thoughts of jumping into a Lagos river to take her life but said that the thought of leaving her child to the care of no one changed her plan.

Daniel's life took a new turn when she was first spotted by don in law to Okorocha.

The Lagos state government also gifted Daniel a sum of 14million and accommodation.

Also, former Chief of Staff of Imo state government Ugwumba Uche Nwosu surprised her with the sum of N1 million.

Her photos have gone viral on the occasion of her birthday.

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