See Why Ex-presidential Aide, Doyin Okupe Wants Govt to Stop Banks from Selling Recharge

By Nofisat Marindoti

Former Senior Special Assistant to Ex-President  Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe has urged the Federal Government to stop commercial banks from selling recharge cards.

He lamented that this is affecting small business owners, adding that banks shouldn't engage in retail business.

"Government must stop Banks from selling of RECHARGE cards.This business is worth about N10B/day and can provide jobs for 5m youths nationwide and reduce unemployment. Banks should not be in the retail business where they strangulate small individual traders.Govt must protect MSMEs",he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Reacting however, another social media user, Ismail @MuhdIsmaeel, said the country is a capitalist society and the government cannot stop anyone from doing their business.

He wrote, "Nigeria is a capitalist society, government should not be stopping any one in a capitalism rather it's the road side retailers that should think of a smart way to up their game."

Replying too, Okupe said despite being a capitalist society, the government owes the citizens a responsibility to protect their business.

"Even under "Capitalism"

Govt still has the responsibility to protect the weak in the society against the strong and mighty. Secondly, the banking licence does not cover Retail business. Any society that is not regulated is close to a jungle where might is right which is undesirable",he added.

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