Senate Confronts Buhari; Demands State of Emergency Over Insecurity

The Senate on Wednesday challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately declare a state of emergency over insecurity.

Senator Sanni Musa who raised a Point of Order over the Niger State kidnapping of another set of secondary school student said the insecurity across Nigeria has attained an unimaginable dimension.

The Senator in his Point of Order said, “The enemies of God, bandits, terrorists, kidnappers are everywhere. Where are we heading to in this country? What else do we need as lawmakers that we are not doing?

“Can we rightly say that the government, is incompetent? Because this issue has been discussed here over and over and there is no improvement. It is getting worse. I’m sure everybody here has stories to tell about the security challenges. What else are we supposed to do that we are not doing? Are we supposed to amend the laws in this country to give every citizen freedom to carry arms?”

The senator represents Niger East Senatorial District in the National Assembly.

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