Nigerians Express Solidarity With Salawa Abeni Over Blackmailer's Nude Photos

Nigerians have expressed supports for the Queen of Waka, Salawa Abeni as they saluted her courage not to succumb to the threats by a blackmailer to release her nude photos to the public.

The musician had cried out earlier today to say that a sender had forwarded some photos of her at a more younger age where parts of her body were exposed.

The Waka queen the pictures must either have been taken when in a hospital or with her partner.

The sender had threatened to release more damaging photos unless she coughs out some money. 

However, Nigerians have urged Abeni on to pursue the blackmailer through all legal means while expressing support for her action to release the photos on her own.

One of those who have expressed solidarity with is the publsiher of Ovation, Otunba Dele Momodu who said "Blackmailers are usually cowards...Well my very dear."

An actor, Saidi Balogun said, "I beg this person in the name of God Almight to stop. After building a career of more than 45 years, you want to destroy it all in the name of looking for money. If this person wants his or her entire family's story to end well in life, you better desist. You cannot bring down what you did not build. The wrath of the Lord shall befall anyone that tries to."

Another commentator said, "I commend you Ma. He can do nothing again. Kindly send it to the police. They know how to trace it. You're a strong woman. Dont let anyne intimdate you,"



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