Steve Ayorinde at 50: Tourism Experts Review Travel Amidst Pandemic

Experts on travel business and culture enthusiasts have gathered today to examine the fate of travel business amidst the global pandemic.

Speakers from many parts of the world are examining tourism in honour of Steve Ayorinde former Commissioner for Information and later tourism who clocked 50 today.

Notable culture writer Mr. Jahman Oladejo said" Regrettably there hasn’t be a systemic integration of Cultural Productions and the Tourism in some African countries, Nigeria certainly. Yet the much Africa has to offer for now is Cultural Tourism, not so much environmental — again Nigeria in my gaze. That is the lacuna!!! Hopefully this talk by eminent resource persons will help spotlight this missing ball."

Another contributor Sibbelle Reidmiller expressed regrets that most African tourists still prefer to travel to Dubai or Euro instead of seeing sites in other African countries

“Yes, I wish you are right, but where is the purchasing power of the great majority of African people? YES, the middle classes still prefer to travel to Dubai and Europe and elsewhere, rather than to do safaris in their own and other African countries, how to change their preferences? And this will even not be enough to replace the millions of overseas visitors who come for what they do not have in their own continents... ???”

Ola Wright also backed her opinion saying most still choose destinations outside of Africa.

Responding at the end of the event, Ayorinde said the webinar is an indication that Africans could come together to achieve great things.

He said Africans should work together to ensure that more destinations are explored such that more Africans explore other parts of Africa.

"It means that Covid cannot keep Africa. That African can always come together. 

"Covid is here  and it will go but when it goes, what should we be thinking about?

"We should not  wait for the outside world to come and tell us what to do. Let African visit Africa. We can create creative contents that will move Africans from point A  to Point B. There is a whole lot that we can do in Africa. The era of doing things in silos should end. "



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