Take Tinubu From Lagos and Drop at Iragbiji; Bode George Tells Akande

Following the absence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu during the recent visit of the APC founding National Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande and other APC Southwest leaders to President Muhammadu Buhari, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Bode George has advised Akande to drop off Tinubu at Iragbiji on his way to his country home, Ila Orangun in Osun State.

George, who clocked 75 on Saturday, said this in a personally signed statement titled 'The jamboree visit to the Villa: My Birthday Offering.'

This is even as the plot thickens ahead of the 2023 presidential election with speculations that Tinubu is interested in the seat of the number one citizen of Nigeria.

According to him, the visit of Akande, Prince Tajudeen Olusi,  Dr Yomi Finnih and Chief Segun Osoba to the seat of power in Abuja "is needless, unnecessary."

He added that "it is veiled in some poorly hidden agenda that is woven in apparently self-serving ulterior personalized desperation."

The former Chairman of Nigerian Ports Authority claimed "it is easy to discern that the visit is stripped of any patriotic progression, lacking in balanced national leadership, voided of a spirit of  sacrifice and developmental vision."

The statement read in part: "The very absence of Bola Tinubu from the jamboree screams to high heavens that the meeting itself is a covert placatory softening of the ground for Tinubu himself.

"I am pretty certain that in his very absence, Tinubu occupies the centrality of the discussion.

"President  Muhammadu  Buhari should not fall for those who would eclipse the main issue wracking Lagos state in a needless,  solicitous self immersed scheming in partisan engagement.

"The very  pivot of the Lagosian malady is the reckless, irresponsible misappropriation of the Lagosian commonwealth by Tinubu. This much I have documented in several public interventions. This,  I may add, contributed to the heightened scale of the  disgruntlement and the anger of the youths who made the Lekki Toll Gates the very symbol of their rejection of the politics of subjugation.

"I will advise  Baba Akande who governed Ọsun state with principled, incorruptible leadership to kindly help us drop off Bola Tinubu at Iragbiji as he makes his way back to Ila-Ọrangun, rather than  engaging in fruitless pleading sessions for a man who is fixated on a  warped pipe -dream about governing Nigeria.  

"He should pay restitution for the egregious stripping of the Lagosian coffers. 

"This is my humble birthday offering."

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