US Election: Georgia Prepares to Declare Winner

A spokesperson for Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger has expressed hope that the state would know the winner of its electoral votes by the end of the day.
Raffensperger said, “I am prayerful that we could get to a resolution by the end of the day today."
He confirmed there are about 60,000 votes left to count in the state, which remains too close to call.
Raffensperger said officials are prioritizing accuracy over speed.
The incumbent President Donald Trump is currently leading by about 18,000 votes in Georgia.
Raffensperger also acknowledged some county officials had forgotten to click the “upload” button to post their vote counts, so the state has sent out a reminder for that.
The winner of Georgia gets 16 electoral votes added to their existing electoral votes already garnered from other states. Joe Biden of the Democratic Party is still leading by popular votes and electoral votes of 264 with the projection that he maintains the lead and wins 6 votes in Nevada.

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