Weekend Starter: How to Make Cake for Construction Engineer

It is not soothsaying that Nigerians are now showcasing their skills and talents in diverse ways and this is to show that hardworks and commitment pays.

A Twitter user whose handle is @TheCakeChancery has wowed a lot of people with her talent through cake making and baking.

Recently on twitter,  she posted the cake she made for a customer where she was asked to bake a cake for a Civil Engineer, with illustration a road construction details in it.

Through her creativity she did the job very well and this got people talking after seeing the magnificient work she produced out from the cake.

Her Twwet reads:


"Client : Someone directed me to your page, I need a cake for a civil engineer.I want the cake to also have road construction details, is that possible???

ME : Say no more sir, I gat you …"


Reactions from people below:


@ascorpioqueen_ Ayyy,you are too goodRaising hands, Your hands are blessed

@abiz_morsh: Bad badder baddest

@2legitQuit: God bless the works of your hands

@Lady_Temmytayo: Great work, I once read a story where the baker and the client who ordered something similar to this cake, got married.

@Bablofisky10: E sha mo ju marriage lo ni aye yin

@emmano_kamps: At this point I give upFace with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing… Sis, you dey use jazz Face with tears of joy. Like how come?

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